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    Yacht Model Making Case Study

    Yacht Model Making Case Study

    Yacht Model Making Case Study

    Project name:Yacht model
    Material: ABS engineering plastics
    Process: CNC machining
    Post treatment: Painting, plating
    Qty: 1 set
    Advantages: high precision, fast speed and high processing efficiency
    Production cycle: 15 days

    Project requirements:
    1. Precise proportion: The yacht model is made in 1:40 scale
    2, perfect assembly, fine surface treatment, smooth lines of finished products and even colors

    Project Background
    The birth of a yacht begins with a drawing. After a rigorous review, the model of the yacht is produced. This is the conceptual model of the yacht. The customer can easily make the appearance review by making the yacht model.

    Project pre-stage analysis:
    After receiving the design drawings sent by the customer, the production department holds a preliminary analysis meeting, and through the cooperation of various departments, detailed analysis of each problem that the product needs to pay attention to.

    Process and material selection:
    The hull and superstructure are mostly made of ABS engineering plastics as raw materials, and some small parts are made of metal stainless steel. Most of the manufacturing processes are done by CNC machining. After processing, the model needs to be post-treated by grinding, painting, electroplating, etc. to enhance the appearance of the model.

    Production process:
    1. Disassemble and check the overall matching degree of the components: Combine with the CNC machining process, split the model to ensure that the components of each level can be processed; with the help of the software, the pre-analyst optimizes the assembly of the drawings and verifies the feasibility of the drawings. .

    Disassemble and check the overall matching degree of the components

    2. Programming on the machine: After preliminary analysis, programmed on the machine. In order to ensure that all parts can be finely processed, we carry out precision machining through the industry-leading CNC processing equipment to ensure the high precision of the product.

    Programming on the machine

    3. After the machining is completed, the rough assembly is carried out: After the CNC machining is completed, the parts are rough-assembled and necessaryly polished to ensure that the products are assembled correctly before painting.

    rough assembly

    4. Fine post-processing: according to the customer's specified requirements, the finished parts are polished, painted, electroplated and other post-treatment processes.

    Finely polished by hand

    Finely polished by hand



    Fine post-processing

    5. Strict quality inspection: Each component is inspected by the project manager and transferred to the quality inspection department who checks again to ensure that the product has no any quality problems.

    Strict quality inspection

    Strict quality inspection

    Strict quality inspection

    6. Beautiful finished products

    Beautiful finished products

    Duch Group can provide customers with CNC processing, 3D printing, product appearance processing (grinding, polishing, vacuun casting, spraying, silk screen, pad printing, electroplating, laser engraving, wire drawing, etc.) small batch personalized product customization, mass production and other services, which can help customers quickly verify the appearance of the product, help customers achieve high-quality sample manufacturing and rapid manufacturing. If you have the above needs, please contact us!
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