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    Development Program

    Development Program

    In 2013, Duch Group was Formally Towards Group Management, which is subordinated to Xiamen Duch Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Duch Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Daqian Model Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., Vistar (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Magic Trading Co., Ltd., and Xiamen Xindaqian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. with a total registered capital of over 200 million yuan.

    Duch Group takes "industrial design + industry + internet" as its core development mode, realizes industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, and strives to build a 3D printing base with the most perfect equipment, the most advanced technology and the largest scale in China. Duchgroup plans to set up 100 3D printing bases around the world. In addition to its own research and development and sales, it is also committed to gathering global 3D printing manufacturers, material suppliers and excellent designers, centering on 3D printing services and Designers'service platform, integrating large data, optimizing industrial structure, realizing remote control, intelligent management, fully automated intelligent production integration of new production lines, occupying the commanding heights of industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing.

    In the near future, Duchgroup will form a reverse global 3D printing base network, realize barrier-free communication between mobile clients and intelligent machines, and form a new intelligent automatic production line.

    group management

     industrial design industry

    Intelligent Plant

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