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    Development Scale

    Development Scale

    We are one of the largest and most professional companies of same type in the world
    The group has more than 1,100 employees, about 25% of undergraduate education, and 40% of junior colleges. It is the largest and most professional of the same type of companies in the world.

    Human Resources

    Professional design and processing team and perfect operation process
    There are 120 senior engineers, 25 structural designers, 20 reverse engineers, 30 mold engineers, 120 CNC technicians, 150 manual technicians, 15 replica mold technicians, 28 screen printing technicians, and other surface special treatments. 25 engineers and other professional and technical personnel.

    Staff-Member Constitution

    Advanced equipment and processing methods ensure excellent quality
    It has three-coordinate laser scanner, more than 200 CNC plastic and metal processing centers, laser engraving machine, SLA printer, vacuum casting machine, vacuum coating equipment, ultraviolet UV oven and other professional equipment, as well as auxiliary facilities such as spraying, silk printing, transfer printing, product album production, clay carving, electroplating and oxidation.

    duch group team

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