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    Vacuum Casting

    Vacuum Casting Services

    Vacuum Casting
    What is the Vacuum Casting?
    The vacuum casting technology which uses prototype  (SLA laser rapid prototyping piece, CNC products) to make silicone mold under vacuum, and is poured under vacuum conditions, such as PU, ABS, etc. Vacuum casting is also used to clone the prototype or copy the piece. It has different types including vacuum mould casting, vacuum pressure casting, vacuum sand casting and so on. This method is especially suitable for small batch production. It is a low-cost solution to solve experimental production and small batch production in a short time, and can also meet the functional test proofing of some structurally complicated engineering samples.
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    Vacuum Casting Process

    1. Make a silicone mold by using the master made by CNC machining and 3D printed.

    Vacuum Casting Process 1

    2. Put the silicone mold into the vacuum molding machine.

    Vacuum Casting Process 2

    3. Inject liquid epoxy resin and heat to cure.

    Vacuum Casting Process 3

    4. After the curing is completed, take out the same part as the Master from the silicone mold, and one silicone mold can be used for 20 times.

    Vacuum Casting Process 4

    Vacuum Casting is suitable for small batch production, which can greatly reduce production costs, increase production efficiency and shorten the construction period.

    Vacuum Casting Process 5

    Applications for Vacuum Casting

    It is mainly used for product copying and mold making in various industries.
    The outer casing of consumer electronics:
    The outer casing 1

    The outer casing 2

    Auto parts:
    Auto parts 1

    Auto parts 2

    Industrial parts:

    Industrial parts 1

    Industrial parts 2

    Vacuum Casting Materials

    We offer a wide range of material options: ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, POM, high temperature resistant materials, soft rubber, silicone rubber, etc. Varieties of materials are available to make silicone molds comparable to injection molded parts. The following pictures are rubber, PC-like material, ABS-like material, POM-like material and transparent material.

    rubber PC-like material

    ABS-like material POM-like material

    transparent material

    Advantages of Vacuum Casting

    • The cost is low and the production cycle of the product is relatively short. Less waste and processing costs are much lower than CNC machining and 3D printing.
    • It is suitable for the processing and production of small batch products. After making an original version, it can be copied according to the original version, and the production efficiency is high.
    • Good mold operation. The soft molds after curing are all transparent or translucent, have good tensile strength, and are easy to cut and shape.
    • The probability of processing failure is small. As long as there is no problem with the original, the copy will naturally not go wrong.
    • Good repeatability. The silicone for molding has good fluidity before curing, and the fine structure and decoration of the model can be accurately maintained with vacuum defoaming.

    We have the world's most advanced vacuum casting equipment, and provide post-processing lines such as polishing, painting and assembly. We can provide small batch production of small and medium-sized parts quikly. If you are looking for reliable vacuum casting service, please contact our professional team at [email protected] or contact us by visiting our website, we will provide quotes and suggestions free of charge.

    Vacuum Casting

    Vacuum Casting
    Vacuum Casting
    Vacuum Casting

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